Intel® SGX Services for ECDSA Attestation

Available on selected Intel® Xeon E processors and Intel® Xeon Scalable processors (starting from 3rd generation), SGX Services for ECDSA enable third-party attestation.

Intel® Registration Service

Intel provides the Registration Service that creates a package that will register platform root keys (PRKs) shared between all processors on a platform. Visit our Intel® SGX Registration Service Page for more information.

Intel® Provisioning Certification Service

Intel provides the Provisioning Certification Service allowing a retrieval of necessary collaterals to attest SGX-enabled enclave. To learn more and subscribe to the service, visit our Intel® SGX Provisioning Certification Service page.

Intel® SGX Attestation Service Utilizing Enhanced Privacy ID (EPID)

Intel SGX Attestation Service enables a relying party to attest an enclave without knowing the specific Intel® processor that the enclave is executing on. To learn more and subscribe to the service, visit our Intel® SGX Attestation Service page.

Attestation Service utilizing EPID is only available on selected client systems, selected Intel® Xeon E3 processors, and selected Intel® Xeon E processors.

You can use following resources to learn more about an Intel® Software Guard Extension (Intel® SGX).